General Information

Purpose of the Color Corps of the Fourth Degree    
     Abbreviation Guide of the Fourth Degree
     Color Corps Description
     Color Corps Regulation
     Official Regalia of the Fourth Degree
         Official Regalia Dress - Members
         Official Regalia Dress - Members - Pictorial View
         Official Regalia Dress - Color Corps
         Official Regalia Dress - Color Corps - Pictorial View
      Official Colors of the Fourth Degree
      Official Baldric Color by Country
       Past and Former Miniature Jewels
          Authorized Display of Miniature Jewels on Regalia
          Precedence of Miniature Jewels
          Pictorial View of Precedence of Miniature Jewels
 Color Corps Protocol
       Prior Coordination
       Silent Commands
           Color Guard
           Order of Procession
           Honor Guard / with Sword
           Honor Guard / without Sword
           Precede the Recessional
           Follow the Recessional
        Procedures During Mass
           Removal of the Chapeau
           Reception of Holy Communion
           Recessional from the Church
        Eucharistic Adoration
        Laying of a Cornerstone
        Dedication of a Church

  Funeral Escort
           Graveside Honors
                       Religious Ceremony
                       With Military Honors
  Individual Drill
           General Commands
                       Stationary Movements
                       Facing Movements
                       Hand Salute
                       Drill with Sword
           Stationary Movements
                       Position of Attention
                       Rest positions at Halt
                                    Parade Rest
                       Stand At Ease
                       At Ease
                       Hand Salute
  Manual of the Sword
           Knights of Columbus Sword, Scabbard
           and Service Baldric Description
                       Sword, Scabbard and Service Baldric - Pictorial View
                        Color Corps Drill
           Position of Attention when Wearing the Sword
                        Sword in Scabbard
                        Draw Sword
                        Carry Sword
                        Present Sword
                        Carry Sword from Present Sword
                        Parade Rest
                                    Parade Rest with Sword in Scabbard
                                    Parade Rest with Drawn Sword
                        At Ease
                        Return Sword
                        Draw Sword - Pictorial View
                        Sitting While Armed with Sword